The Name Change

So as you can see, we’ve had to make a minor change to our name. The reason is is because there’s an outdoor clothing company under the name Montane. Shouldn’t matter, I know, and we were fully aware of their existence this whole time. However now that merchandise has been brought into the picture, there will be some litigation issues - we can’t print t shirts with ‘Montane’ on without getting done in for making money off the other brand’s name. We honestly didn’t want to have to do all this but we may as well get it done now and move on.

On that note, here’s to the future. We’ll be uploading our new song St. Vincent in the next couple of weeks. We’ll also have some tees on the way for you all. But first here’s our recording diary of when we went to record St. Vincent. Onwards and upwards!

New sites:

Montane - What We Are

Evening all.

We’ve launched our myspace tonight ( with the full songs on, so this is pretty much all systems go for us as a band now. So I’ll take this opportunity to explain everything behind and before Montane.

The way it was, back in early 2010, was that Joe was slightly disillusioned. He had a big determination in him to do something both he and everyone else would take seriously. I have known Joe for a good few years, but I had always been into metal and heavy music. We both talked about just getting together to play some stuff and see what came out because we were both well up for trying something new.

We got together and I had some stuff written, the very beginnings of what is now Castles. Joe dug it, and so we agreed to take it further and try and get a band going with the stuff we were writing. I didn’t think there was much going on in terms of musicianship around our area with the people I knew, so I suggested he take the material to his old band The Vegas and see what they thought. To me, they were the only guys around here who were together playing music of a good standard, and they were also friends of mine. My joining (to me) was a pretty natural thing, and from there we’ve been building our songs up over the past year, working on things and discarding them and trying to construct ourselves around a ‘vibe’ as I like to call it. I’ve always been very much one for having specific visual elements joined to music.

So the months wore on and we didn’t really have all that much worthwhile. Until I spent a night staying up til about 1am writing what later became Brother Wolf. Honestly it was a mess before we all took it apart and made it into what it is, and it’s definitely the song I am personally most proud of, from any music I’ve had a part in writing. It actually kind of gave us a bit more creative fuel.

The name, ‘Montane’, doesn’t mean much. If you look it up it’s both an outdoor clothing company and a geographical term for a subalpine region of some shit. Basically, it sound cool, it fits with our vibe, so we went for it. We were ‘Cardinal’ until mid-October. It’s all actually been a bit fast in the last few months, the preparation. We’ve got a few more songs written now, all of which I am immensely proud of. I always feel there’s more that can be done to them though, so we’ll see what they become in the coming months.

Have to give thanks to Dan Lancaster for producing the two songs you’ve all probably heard. It’s always been massively enjoyable going to studios to record - there’s not much like it. Even if everyone hated the songs I’d still be proud of the end product. Also thanks to Alex Gregory, one of the most down to earth photographers I could imagine. I urge any of you to look into him if you want sick promo shots from a really cool guy.

This band, for me, has been about making sick music and having a sick live show, in essence. Something you’ll notice is that we don’t really have any kind of reputation yet; we haven’t even played a gig. We wanted to set ourselves up as serious band before we gained any kind of attention, to set the best first impressions possible. I hope you’ll agree that we do look pretty freakin’ good! So wait til all the music comes out, and our first show at the Reading Facebar on the 6th January 2011. We’re opening for Lower than Atlantis, a band I think are fucking sick, so definitely come down and be a bit rowdy or something…

As for the future, my hopes are high. Most have said that we’re doing the right thing, and I should bloody hope so from the work we’ve had to put in. University is approaching for all of us, and I for one am hoping to carry this on after we leave school. The sky’s the limit as they say, we will all appreciate your support massively in helping us get as far as we can!

Will and Montane x